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Bath Bombs

Drop in to a bath of warm water and watch as it fizzes, releasing its perfume and essential oils, while the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water. Rinse bath well after use.
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK I Believe in Unicorns Blaster 160g
Unicorns possess the power of eternal youth! And this pink beauty has inspired us to use pure Geranium & Frankincense essential oils to restore your soul, spirit & skin.
Price: £3.50
Over The Rainbow Bath Bomb 160g OUT OF STOCK
Climb into the sky and float on a fragrant cloud over the rainbow, let the magic Jasmine & Clary Sage essential oils take you on a euphoric experience as the blue swirl of natural butters condition your skin.
Price: £3.50
Rain Dance Bath Blaster 160g
Is your skin crying out for hydration? We’ll dance the dance that drenches your skin! Let the pure Peppermint & Eucalyptus essential oils refresh your soul and the natural butters save your skin!
Price: £3.50
V for Violet Bath Bomb 160g
Under the glittery mask, V goes against the rules to create a violet fragranced experience. With geranium & rose essential oils you'll be protesting for more!
Price: £3.50
Natures Candy Bath Bomb 160g
A warm aldehydic heart with notes of chocolate and mandarin and a floral/spicy base.
Price: £3.50
Vintage Rosehip Bath Bomb 160g OUT OF STOCK
A quaint, sensual and natural fragrance of yesteryear greets your nose with pure Patchouli and Geranium essential oils to softly condition your skin. Classical and pretty, this soft powdery scent captures aldehyde, jasmin, iris and spices at the opening. The rich heart mixes clove with amber, lily and peach. The complexed musk finish captures sandal, amber and vanilla.
Price: £3.50
Wild Rose Blaster
A truly natural beauty from the inside out. This floral queen, with Rose & Geranium essential oils, is ready to bloom! Infuse your bath and blossom your senses!
Price: £3.50
Porcelain Peony Bath Bomb 160g
A delicate porcelain beauty, a fragrance and a look so fine and so fragile that it hearkens back to a bygone era. Travel back with us to a vintage time as Frankincense and Rose essential oils help soothe your furrowed modern soul. Translucent and airy, opening with fresh notes of waterlilys with a heart centred around white lily, rose and potent jasmin. The musky finish has a powdery edge blended with sandalwood
Price: £3.50
Lemon La Vida Loca Bath Bomb
We're into new sensations, fab scents and essential oils. We'll make you live a crazy life but we'll take away the pain! Pure Lemon & Lime essential oils combined with a swirl of natural butters to leave you livin' da Vida loca!
Price: £3.50
One in a Melon Blaster
inspired by a juicy fruit, this blasters truly unique! This handmade bath time treat contains pure May Chang and Marjoram essential oils to leave you feeling quite out of the ordinary!
Price: £3.50
Flock Star Bath Blaster 160g
Girl, you're a rock star so spread your wings and take flight! Strut your stuff on the path to prettty with Rose & Geranium essnetial oils & remember life is better in pink!
Price: £3.50
Mermaids Delight Bath Blaster
One drop in the ocean and we'll transform you into a mermaid! The pure ylang ylang and sandalwood essential oils will sing softly to your soul as the natural butters set you free to be part of that world.
Price: £3.50
Man Grenade Bath Bomb 160g
Drop in and enjoy the bath of hero’s with its explosive rush of Black pepper and Rosemary pure essential oils help to refresh and invigorate the soul.
Price: £3.95
Fizz Bang Bath Bomb 160g OUT OF STOCK
A delicate fragrance of jasmine and cotton combined with pure essential oils and topped off with pure cocoa and shea butter to soothe your skin and senses.
Price: £3.50
Can't Touch This! Bath Blaster
Under the hot sun through the hazy heat appears a prickly pear! Hydrate your skin with the natural butters as the Sandalwood & Ginger essential oils create this cool character!
Price: £3.50
Pink Elephants & Lemonade Bath Blaster 160g Case 12Zoom Pink Elephants & Lemonade Bath Blaster
Join the magical parade amongst the Pink elephants & Lemonade! Discover the fruity feeling of Lemonade with Plum berry combined with May Chang & Mandarin essential oils, remember anything is possible!
Price: £3.50
It's Not Easy Being Green Bath Blaster
When green is all there is to beIt could make you wonder why, but why wonder? Why Wonder, I am green and it'll do fine with pure essential oils of Lemon & Lime, it's beautiful!
Price: £3.50
Pool Party Bath Blaster 160g
Time for a paddle at the Pool Party! Splash around with scents of Fresh Cotton and Lavender pure essential oils, the fun has only just begun!
Price: £3.50
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