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Herbal Teas

We carry a wide range of Herbs within our Apothecary and have come up with 4 delicious tasting tea blends .

Please see our Herbal Apothecary Page for a wide range of Herbs (coming soon)
Sunshine Revitalising Tea Gift Box
A perfect drink to brighten, soothe and ease away the troubles of your day. This is deliciously tasty uplifting and restorative combination of aromatic citrus and zingy herbs. in the winter add honey and lemon for a delicious tea to help with your colds and flu or Try it iced with oodles of sliced fruit for a summer treat!
Price: £8.00
SOLD OUT Harmony and Tranquilitea Gift Box
This deliciously gentle tea melts like honey on your tongue! Great for anyone in need of a moment of calm or when feeling jangled or stressed. Its soft and uplifting flavours will help soothe and relax frayed nerves and help to promote a calm sleep
Price: £8.00
Womens Tea Gift Box
This is a lovely tasting and looking tea, that will soothe and ease many of the tensions women may feel. Balancing, restoring and calming for your spirit and full of goodness for your wellbeing, this tea oozes comfort with the taste of meadowsweet, fennel and strawberry leaf
Price: £8.00
Lovely and Delicious Gift Box
With aphrodisiac properties, the name of this utterly delicious and sensuous herbal blend says it all. The taste of sweet roses and ginger lingers on your lips for the most delctable moments of lovelyness.
Price: £8.00
Peppermint Tea
50g Peppermint Leaf. This tea is sooooooooo delicious! Better than any other I have ever tasted.... (✿◠‿◠)
Price: £2.50
House Blend Herbal Tea Packet
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Price: £4.50
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