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Our 'loose incense' is hand-blended in the traditional style using the most natural ingredients from all around the globe. The unique, exotic gums and resins are blended with organic and wild crafted herbs before mixing with complex and intricate blends of the purest quality essential oils.

Many of the incense recipes are thousands of years old and are renowned for their properties. To cleanse & heal, to relax and aid meditation, to inspire and invigorate - these wonderful scents can be a part of our daily life now, as they have been for thousands of years.

Gift Sets, Charcoals and Incense Burners are at the bottom of page.

Heaven Scent 30g
A special blend of sacred gums, resins, herbs & oils. Delicate and ethereal with a beautiful spicy vanilla scent. This blend calms and soothes, and is a powerful aid to meditation.
Price: £4.00
Mountain Flower 30g
Mountain Flower is the most relaxing of incenses. This blend contains herbs and oils for spiritual well being. This is especially good at the end of the day and has a very calming effect on children. Excellent aid to meditation and yoga. Aroma: chamomile, geranium and lavender.
Price: £4.00
Kyphi 30g
Made from an exact 3000 year old Egyptian recipe, this rich and fruity blend is deeply relaxing.
Price: £4.00
Blue Mountain 30g
A warm and sensuous fragrance based on an ancient Japanese aphrodisiac recipe. Full of sandalwood oil, this is an excellent accompaniment to massage. One for all romantics.
Price: £4.00
Peace 30g
This Native American blend has been combined using sacred white sage, desert sage, and coals used for smudging, divination and pleasing the Gods. A cleansing, fresh sage-filled earthy scent.
Price: £4.00
Frankincense 30g
Once more valuable than gold, this natural tree resin has been prized throughout history for its delicate and heady aroma.
Price: £3.50
Myrrh 30g
A natural tree resin. In ancient Egypt it was sacred to Ra the Sun God. Burn to enhance love, youth and happiness. Also used for protection and healing.
Price: £3.50
Himalaya 30g
This traditional blend of natural resins, herbs & oils from these sacred mountains is used by the Sherpas & Tibetan people, who believe this mixture carries the cleansing & clarifying spirit of the region.
Price: £4.00
White Sage Leaf 30g
A Sacred herb from Taos, New Mexico. Traditional elders say it can cleanse bad feeling and negative thought. White sage, Salvia apiana, has a long history of use in Indian purification ceremonies. The Indians burned sage leaves in smudge pots in the sweat lodges and homes and in wands to clear other areas. They believe that white sage transmutes negative energy to positive and dissipates disease and contagion. According to Eileen Nauman, author and Native American, the negative ions in the white sage attract and remove the positive ions that cloud and drain our lives.
Price: £5.95
Smudge Stick - OUT OF STOCK
Made by hand in the old way by Native Americans at Taos Pueblo, a World Heritage Site. These 8"-9" sticks are combinations of New Mexico Sage and Cedar. Also called Desert Sage and Cedar Smudge Sticks.
Price: £10.95
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California White Sage Smudge Sticks - OUT OF STOCK
This is the deliciously fragrant 100% California white sage. Taos Herb Co. provides the finest, REAL California white sage smudge sticks that are beautifully bound so that they hold together upon burning. Large sticks, 1 1/2 inches wide by 9 inches long. Also known as Buffalo Sage. California White Sage -Salvia Apiana- is also known as Sacred Sage, White Sage, and Sacred White Sage.
Price: £10.95
Charcoal Discs
A pack of 10 self igniting charcoal disks for burning incense resins, herbs or sticks. These are foil sealed for freshness. Keep in a dry place once opened.
Price: £1.95
Box of 80 Charcoal Discs
Charcoal Incense Discs 8 packets of 10 Tablets each - For burning Incense resins, self lighting Charcoal Tablets / Discs
Price: £12.50
Small Incense Burner
Made especially for us by Kate Cooke Ceramics these incense burners are attractive and very practical. Unless you specify otherwise you will receve a blueish coloured burner.
Price: £6.50
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Incense Gift Boxes

Please ask if you would like a different selection of incenses. We can happily make any Kind of box up for you to our specifications (✿◠‿◠)

Incense kit
Small Incense Burner,1 packet of charcoal discs, a choice of two 30g packets of incense from the drop down menus below ¸.•´¯`•.♥.•
Price: £17.50
Incense Choice 1:
Incense Choice 2:
Large Incense Kit
Large Incense Burner (may vary in colour and black, beige or blue), 3 packets of charcoal discs, 30g Frankincense & Myrrh, 30g Mountain Flower, 30g Kyphi Incense. Or select your own two blends from the options below¸.•´¯`•.♥.•
Price: £25.00
Incense Choice 1:
Incense Choice 2:
Large Incense Kit
Large Incense Burner (Black or Blue), 3 packets of charcoal discs, 30g Frankincense & Myrrh, 30g Mountain Flower plus choice of 2 blend, please select your own two blends from the options below¸.•´¯`•.♥.•
Price: £30.00
Incense Choice 1:
Incense Choice 2:
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