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Herbs on the Hill
From the heady and intoxicating aromas of our aphrodisiac
Love and Blue Mountain incenses,
to the sensuous and indulgent Love Potion Bath & Massage Oil we have the perfect gifts for every type of Lover and Romantic
The Valentines Specials all come in gorgeous luxury heart shaped boxes.
Love & Devotion
Treat your loved one to a deeply relaxing and soothing bath… a long sensuous massage... show her how much you care…there is plenty to share as you remember all the reasons you fell in love… 150ml Love Potion Bath and Massage Oil, Soothing Lavender Bath Salts, Chamomile, Geranium & Lavender Moisturising Cream and one of our exquisite Love Bath Melts.... will definitely get you relaxed, pampered and in the mood for Love.
Price: £29.95
Baby Be Mine
Light some candles, set the ambience with the delicious aroma of our love potion…. divine melting moments, everyone needs them. you won't get enough as you prepare for your night out… or in…. because Valentines is the night for you and the sunshine of your life …. Soothing Lavender Bath & Massage Oil, Love Potion Bath Salts and an exquisite Love Bath Melt.
Price: £15.00
Love Deluxe... with Rose, Jasmine and sweetest Ylang Ylang
Oozing love appeal this box just squeals delight. Who says money cant buy you love! Tucked inside this box you will find our gorgeous 150ml Love Potion Bath and Massage Oil, luxurious Love Bath Salts, heavenly Rose Damascena Eye Gel and one of our exquisite Love Bath Melts....
Price: £29.95
Love to Love you Baby
If you delve into this box today, you're sure for a Valentines treat surprise, a night of delight is just in sight, so go on...spoil your beloved this Valentines night. Irresistible Love Bath Salts, Love Potion Bath & Massage Oil and an exquisite Love Bath Melt, will definitely get you in the mood for Love.
Price: £15.00
Truly Madly Deeply
150ml Patchouli Oil Phoenix Body Scrub Neroli Eye Gel Love Bath Melt
Price: £29.95
Oooh La La Baby
Pheonix Oil Love Bath Salts Love Bath Melt
Price: £15.00

Melt My Heart
Swooooon! Like a box full of kisses, this completely and utterly heart meltingly gorgeous rose laden box of Love Bath Melts with a heart shaped Love Soap has reduced many a sane shop customer into a mushy puddle of adoration! Like cupids arrow straight to the heart this cant fail!
Price: £21.00
Box of Love
This beautiful box contains : 1 Sachet of Irresistible Love Bath Salts, 2 Luxurious Love Bath Melts and a bar of our super moisturing rose topped Love Soap
Price: £14.50
Box of Love Bath Salts & Love Soap
This box is one of our best selling. It contains: Jar of Irresistible Love Bath Salts a bar of our super moisturing rose topped Love Soap
Price: £12.50
Zen for Men... fabulous skincare box
Make your man more kissable than ever! You wouldnt believe the difference we've seen in the customers who use these products, takes years off! This gorgeous box contains our amazing (quite literally) Shaving Oil (fantastic rinsability), Divine Bergamot and Howood Aftershave Gel, Sandalwood Deeply Penetrating Moisturiser and a bar of our Exfoliating Cedarwood Soap.... we seriously have a growing fan base for these products... and they are getting dishier by the day! heheee (✿◠‿◠)
Price: £55.00
Lovely and Delicious Gift Box
With aphrodisiac properties, the name of this utterly delicious and sensuous herbal blend says it all. The taste of sweet roses and ginger lingers on your lips for the most delectable moments of lovelyness.
Price: £7.50
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